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Information Systems

A single solution for all employee information enables comprehensive people analytics and room for HR strategy in your day-to-day.

Build transparent, compliant people processes.

Are you looking for an affordable, simple way to manage all your employees' information and assets? We have an all-in-one solution for keeping track of time worked, time off, employee-issued assets, HR-related information, accruals, ACA needs, and more.

From new hires, employee management, asset management to termination, we offer a comprehensive HR Information System solution that your employees, managers, and HR administrators will be able to easily access regardless of their location.


Streamline tasks and easily track.

All in a single solution —automate administrative processes to more efficiently manage the moments that matter like hiring, onboarding, benefits administration, and performance. Engage with employees, control costs, and reduce compliance risk.

B&L Technologies Human Resource Tracking and Automation
  • Track employee demographic records and benefits packages when employees transfer from one site or department to another

  • Automate employee performance reviews so you can allow employees to review their own performance in an automated, multi-tier process

  • Employee compensation management so you can view historical compensation data, planning tools and total compensation analysis

  • Usage of your key company assets including software licenses, computers and vehicles in a single location so you’re not trying to remember where you track which asset

Engaging the modern workforce.

From pre-hire to retire, solutions designed to meet the needs of all worker types–salaried, hourly, contract, and beyond. This all leads to an HR department focused on providing an experience that helps your employees work inspired.

  • Applicant Tracking so you can perform online applicant searches and track your candidates

  • Screening and Hiring to easily conduct background checks and skills assessments

  • Onboarding Processes to define eligibility, track premiums, submit W-4 and I-9 forms electronically, enable self-service enrollment and manage your automated payroll deductions

You can easily screen, hire and onboard candidates most likely to be productive – the best-fit employees who will perform better and stay on the job longer.

B&L Technologies Advanced Human Resources Information Systems Engaging
B&L Technologies Advanced Human Resources Information Systems Payroll


Integration Solutions

Because you’re fully integrated with the Time & Attendance module, you can now process payroll with the click of a button. There are no spreadsheets to calculate or collection of time worked since the system is updated in real-time. And you can control access by your employees and authorize them access self-service options to view their information – all to reduce your HR department’s workload and stress!

Affordable Care Act administration

For most small business owners, ACA compliance is the stuff of nightmares. But with the Workforce Ready ACA Manager from B&L Technologies, you can access an all-in-one solution for everything you need to stay in compliance.

We provide proactive management of your ACA compliance strategy across your entire workforce, including regular and variable hour employees’ benefit compliance, along with applicable reporting.

The workforce ready ACA manager includes:

  • Automate ACA strategy enforcement
  • Get comprehensive ACA status visibility
  • Closed-loop ACA process administration
  • Managing ACA compliance now and in the future