B&L Technologies Advanced Intouch Terminals

Make things easy with InTouch® terminals.

The InTouch® terminal provides an unrivaled user experience that reshapes the way you think about–and the way employees interact with–your workforce management system. All through a simple touch-screen time clock designed to meet your needs of tomorrow, today.

Simplify tasks with InTouch.

With InTouch, even basic tasks such as punching have been simplified. Need to record your time? Simply present the badge technology of your choice and your punch is automatically accepted and confirmed with an audible tone and a bright-green indicator.

Features include:

  • Large 7″ touch screen with wide VGA, full-color LCD

  • Optional biometric verification for increased payroll accuracy

  • Supports all major badge formats

  • Easy-to-understand LED indicator

Ultimate Kronos Solution has built a reputation for providing the industry’s most robust and durable time clocks. That’s why they’ve gone to great lengths to use only the most proven and durable technology. It’s designed, made, and backed by UKG –you can count on InTouch to perform for years to come.

The Mobile solution gives you a mobile connection to your TLM and HR system. Your workforce can complete common administrative tasks right on their mobile devices, when they need to, where they need to.