Time & Attendance Solutions

for Your Business

At B&L Technologies, we provide robust time and attendance solutions that streamline workforce management and enhance productivity. Our system is designed to help businesses efficiently track employee hours, manage schedules, and control labor costs.

Building a strong foundation.

Effortlessly track employee activities with a user-friendly system that provides clear visibility into who is working, when, and on what tasks.

Time Keeping Management

Optimize labor costs and scheduling with flexible pay rules, managing multiple departments, pay rates, and attendance rules seamlessly.

Optimized Scheduling Efficiency

Effectively manage attendance exceptions, ensuring accurate records and identifying patterns of tardiness or absenteeism.

Reliable Absence Management

Ensure compliance and payroll accuracy with reliable time card maintenance, providing peace of mind with precise record-keeping.


Streamline tasks and easily track.

All in a single solution —automate administrative processes to more efficiently manage the moments that matter like hiring, onboarding, benefits administration, and performance. Engage with employees, control costs, and reduce compliance risk.

  • B&L Technologies Human Resource Tracking and Automation
  • Track employee demographic records and benefits packages when employees transfer from one site or department to another
  • Automate employee performance reviews so you can allow employees to review their own performance in an automated, multi-tier process
  • Employee compensation management so you can view historical compensation data, planning tools and total compensation analysis
  • Usage of your key company assets including software licenses, computers, and vehicles in a single location so you’re not trying to remember where you track which asset

Support your team with self-service tools to accurately collect time and labor data from employees across multiple devices, enabling real-time management to boost productivity.

Easily track sick time, vacation time, and more. The Leave Manager module automates the enforcement and tracking of federal, state, and employer-specific leave policies for various qualified leave types. Customize workflows to simplify scheduling, job tracking, and time-off management.

B&L Technologies Time Keeping Technology Leave Manager Mobile

Tracking of leave eligibility, type and duration based on individual employee case data so you never have to worry about overpaying or underpaying

Append HR documents related to time off directly to an employee’s case record which saves time and filing space

Employee self-service leave request simplifies and automates leave case creation accurately and consistently so your employees are empowered with their own decisions

Complete integration with employee timecards so you’re not manually tracking time entries and pay rules for leave cases

Notifications of time off delivered to managers and employees so your staff receives real-time updates on eligibility and case activity

Streamline time tracking and compliance with consistent, fair rules.

With the solutions offered by B&L Technologies, you can also be sure to schedule the right employees at the right time. You can easily bring in extra help to cover when someone’s out sick (or for an increased demand) or know if there’s an uncovered shift in your workweek.

All without the hassle of pen-and-paper tracking or clumsy software solutions!

Enforce your absence-related policies related to time off and accruals — including federal, state, and company leave requirements

Confirm each employee’s eligibility for paid and unpaid leave based on vacation, sick time, and other criteria you define

Use customizable disciplinary action letter templates to work directly with problem employees

Control labor costs by avoiding reducing overstaffing and understaffing – and avoiding overtime when things get busy so you’re always on top of your staffing needs

Consistently adhere to your company scheduling policies so you’re following your Operations Manual for the business

Be able to easily change schedules daily, with on-the-fly editing as needed, so you can optimize your staffing to exactly what you need and the preferences your employees prefer

Controlling Labor Costs with Time and Attendance
With our advanced time and attendance system, you can:

  • Set Policies and Employee Profiles: Customize workflows for time tracking, job tracking, scheduling, and time-off management.
  • Accurate Data Collection: Gain deeper insights into spending across locations, departments, jobs, and tasks, helping you manage and increase employee productivity.
  • Automated Alerts: Receive notifications for overtime and other critical labor cost controls to maintain your budget.


Expand the Power of Time & Attendance with Our Other Solutions
All part of a single platform, our solutions provide comprehensive management of your workforce, tailored for small to mid-sized businesses. By partnering with B&L Technologies, you gain a user-friendly system that scales with your business needs.

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